Vortex Suppression Flow Straightening Baskets

Water Treatment Plant in Woonsocket, RI


Problem: Flow Separation & Turbulence

Solution: Inline flow straightening spool with custom grid

flow conditioning basket

Final Product – 36” Flow Straightening Basket

Flow Optimizers designed and manufactured five (5) 30 inch Inline flow straightening spools which are mounted directly to each of the pumps suction flanges replacing existing lined piping. This project required Flow Optimizers to custom roll the pipe to a exact inside pipe dimensions, cut the grids using a Mazak laser, weld, and ship in 7 weeks.


36” diameter x 12” Height x 48 vanes


Premier Pump & Supply, Inc.
Belmont, New Hampshire


Chelmsford, Massachusetts



  1. Design Criteria:
    1. Spool, Minimum Length: 19 inches
      1. Inside Diameter: 31.625 inches (+/- 0.063) custom rolled
      2. Pipe wall thickness: 5/16 inch (0.3125” +/- 12.5% (0.274 min))
      3. Flanged Ends: 30 inches diameter x 1 inch thick
      4. Drilled for Flat Faced ANSI 150-lb bolt pattern
    2. Grid, Minimum Length: 18 inches
      1. Thickness: 0.125 inch (3 mm)
      2. Grid Spacing: 5 inches (125 mm) nominal
  2. Materials:
    1. Spool: Type 316L A778 welded stainless steel pipe, Schedule 10S
    2. Flanges: 316L stainless steel
    3. Grid: 316L stainless steel
  3. Finish: pipe & flange
    1. Pickled and passivated