Inline Flow Straightening Spools

Smith Pump Company & City of Dallas, Texas



Smith Pump Company & the City of Dallas, Texas had experienced severe pump intake issues including vibration & noise.




Clemson Engineering Hydraulics in Anderson, South Carolina was contracted to model the intake and determined that a Flow Optimizers Spool Size 30-inch diameter x 19-inch length custom rolled to 31.63″ ID, 32.25 O.D. (.31 WALL) 316L pipe complete with a 5″ x 5″ square grid – 18″ long.  Order includes Five (5) Spool’s total.


Flow Conditioning Spools with Grid

  • Spool: custom rolled to 31.25 inches diameter
  • Spool: minimum Length: 19 inches with 18-inch grid length
  • Flanges: 150-lb bolt pattern flat face – welded (NOT 150lb. rated)
  • Pipe material: 316L A778 welded stainless steel pipe, Schedule 10S
  • Flange material: 316L stainless steel




Inlet Flow Conditioning Spool

1. Pump manufacturer to provide a flow conditioner for each pump consisting of a flanged spool piece with internal flow conditioning grid as indicated and specified for all double suction split case pumps with suctions 8 inch [200 mm] and larger. 

a. Provide a certified drawing including dimensions, weight, welding requirements, material designations, material thicknesses and flange details for review with pump submittal.

2. Provide flow conditioning grid design approved by a Nationally recognized Hydraulics Testing Laboratory.

a. For sizes larger than 18 inch (450 mm) provide a design based on physical hydraulic modeling by a Nationally Recognized Hydraulics Laboratory

3. Design Criteria:

a. Spool, Minimum Length: 19 inches

    1. Inside Diameter: 31.625 inches (+/- 0.063) custom rolled
    2. Pipe wall thickness: 5/16 inch (0.3125” +/- 12.5% (0.274 min))
    3. Flanged Ends: 30 inches diameter x 1 inch thick
    4. Drilled for Flat Faced ANSI 150-lb bolt pattern
    5. Type: Fully welded to pipe

b. Grid, Minimum Length: 18 inches

    1. Thickness: 0.125 inch (3 mm)
    2. Grid Spacing: 5 inches (125 mm) nominal

4. Materials: 

a. Spool: Type 316L A778 welded stainless steel pipe, Schedule 10S

b. Flanges: 316L stainless steel

c. Grid: 316L stainless steel


5. Finish: pipe & flange

Pickled and passivated, 

Completely immerse for a minimum of 15 minutes in 10% nitric acid and 3% hydrofluoric acid at 125 degrees Fahrenheit, followed by a neutralizing rinse.


6. Manufacturer:  Flow Optimizers, LLC. 

Smith Pump Company, Inc.
4624 Martin Luther King Freeway
Fort Worth, TX  76119

Clemson Engineering Hydraulics
120 River Heights Circle
Anderson, SC 29621

“The GRIDs really worked well.”
City of Dallas