Flow Optimizer Basket

ECAWP Padre Dam – Santee, CA

Commissioned for the ECAWP facility at Padre Dam, the project showcases the collaboration between Flowserve Pumps, AECOM, and the W.M. Lyles-AECOM joint venture. The Flow Conditioning Baskets, made from corrosion-resistant 316L Stainless Steel, underscore a commitment to quality and durability.

With dimensions of 18 inches in diameter and 10 inches in height, and equipped with 30 vanes, the design of these baskets is tailored to meet the specific needs of the ECAWP’s purification systems. A total of four units were produced, highlighting the project’s dedication to enhancing the operational efficiency of the water purification process at the facility.

Project Overview

Purpose and Benefits of the Flow Optimizer Baskets

The Flow Conditioning Baskets are engineered as the ultimate solution for enhancing the performance of vertical turbine, axial, and mixed flow pumps. These baskets are hard bolted to the Pumps Suction Bellmouth and designed to offer unparalleled efficiency and reliability for both new systems and upgrades to existing pumps. Through rigorous testing in hydraulic laboratories and validated by real-world field installations, the baskets have proven to effectively eliminate both surface and subsurface vortices. This results in optimal fluid flow, significantly improving pump efficiency and reliability.

Specializing in the engineering, design, and fabrication of the Flow Conditioning Baskets, this project emphasizes the importance of advanced hydraulic engineering in water purification systems. The baskets are specifically designed to mount on the suction side of vertical turbine pumps, where they play a critical role in vortex suppression. This innovative approach ensures that the pumps operate at their maximum potential, free from the efficiency losses and wear associated with fluid vortices.
Flow Optimizer Basket for ECAWP Padre Dam
Flow Optimizer Baskets for ECAWP Padre Dam

Flow Optimizer Basket Details

18x10x32 Vane Flow Conditioning Basket


The implementation of Flow Conditioning Baskets in the ECAWP project at Padre Dam represents a significant advancement in the field of water purification. By addressing the critical challenge of vortex suppression in pump systems, the project leverages cutting-edge engineering to ensure enhanced pump performance and reliability. This initiative not only reflects the innovative spirit of Flowserve Pumps, AECOM, and their partners but also their commitment to improving the sustainability and efficiency of water resources management. The Flow Conditioning Baskets stand as a testament to the power of collaborative engineering solutions in addressing complex environmental challenges.

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