Flow conditioning products for pump and process systems

Solutions for Optimal Flow

Standard Inlet Flow Conditioning Solutions
for Municipal Water and Wastewater Pumping


Flow Optimizer Basket

Flow Conditioning Baskets enhance vertical, axial, and mixed flow pumps. Floor-mounted to eliminate vortices and optimize fluid flow, they boost efficiency and reliability in pump systems.

Spool Assembly

Flow Optimizer Vaned Spool

Inline Flow Conditioning Spools, designed for Double Suction Split Case Pumps, feature an internal grid that straightens and separates flow, enhancing pump performance and fluid dynamics for optimal efficiency.

Flow Conditioning Suction Cone

Flow Optimizer Floor Cone

Vortex Suppression Floor Cones, engineered for pump station wet-wells, mount beneath pump suction bells to redirect fluid flow seamlessly into the pump. These devices optimize performance by eliminating submerged vortices.

flow conditioners

Flow Optimizer Vaned Tee

Flow Optimizer Inserts reduce turbulence and ensure a consistent, uniform flow profile, enhancing the accuracy of ultrasonic, turbine, and differential pressure flow meters. Perfect for precise flow measurement.


Flow Optimizer Bellmouth

Flow Optimizer Bellmouths enhance rotodynamic pump efficiency by straightening inlet flow and reducing entrance friction loss. They lower wet-well levels, minimize fats, oils, and solids build-up, and decrease hydrogen sulfide odors.

Pump Suction Pipe Spool with Handhole Clean-out

Flow Optimizer Handhole Clean-out

Custom made pipe spool with a handhole clean-out to allow you to lock-out/tag-out the pump, easily open the clamp, remove our contoured plug giving access to the suction of the clogged pump.

Flow Optimizer Vaned Reducing Elbow

Flow Optimizer Vaned Elbows and Spools enhance fluid handling system dynamics and efficiency. Address excessive noise and wear with designs compliant with ANSI/HI 9.6.6 and integrated flow conditioners.