Opti-Flow pump clean-out for all your modern day collection system headaches including baby wipes, non-woven fiber sheets, baby diapers & liners, toilet bowl cleaning pads & wands, shop rags, dusting sheets, feminine hygiene products, & clothing.

Mount on Pump Suctions: Mount on the suction of your sewage, sludge, and scum pump for easy access to your clogged pump impeller. Unbolting the contoured plug allows for full access to your pump for cleaning.

Mount on Pump Discharges: Mounting a ball valve on the 3-inch NPT port allows backflushing solids away or remove the contoured cover to physically clean away debris.

Coating is Fusion Bonded Epoxy to 250 micron.

Attention: The seal should be changed when the cover is opened. After the assembly, the screws of the lid must be tightened crosswise.


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