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Standard Inlet Flow Conditioning Solutions
for Municipal Water and Wastewater Pumping

What is Flow Conditioning?

The goal of Flow Conditioning is to achieve a predictable and desirable flow pattern in new or existing
piping that would otherwise be less than optimal.

When should you use Flow Conditioning?

Flow Conditioning is utilized when there is an absence of proper piping geometry, changes in pipe size,
or a flow direction that would cause instability, turbulence, and a non-repeatable flow profile.

What is a Flow Conditioner?

A Flow Conditioner is a device that uses straightening vanes, grids, or grates to help improve the flow
profiles in less than desirable upstream situations (i.e. Elbows, Tees, Pipe Reducers or Expanders, or less
than desired upstream pipe length) helping to reduce or eliminate swirl.

Solving Your Pump Suction Problems

90% of all pump problems are suction related

Finally! A company designing, testing, and manufacturing Inlet Flow Conditioning accessories.

Solutions to retrofit onto existing pump installations at municipal water utilities & wastewater treatment plants to solve typical water flow problems:

  • Free-Surface Vortices
  • Subsurface Vortices
  • Steady vs. Transient
  • Multi-Phase Flow
  • Air Entrainment
  • Swirl Angle
  • Velocity Profile
Benefits to working with Flow Optimizers:

  • Recognized by National Hydraulics Testing Laboratory based in North America
  • Certified “Approval” drawing provided to be signed by engineer before manufacturing
  • AIS Compliant & we use 316L “NSF61” materials
  • Fully insured for Professional & Liability Insurance
  • Can provide a Professional Engineer’s “PE” Stamp for small price adder
  • Woman-Owned Business
  • Manufactured in Macon, Georgia – Proudly Made in America!

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