Flow Conditioning Floor Suction Cones

OptiFlow Cone

Vortex suppression floor cones for pump stations wet-wells . Designed to be mounted below your Pumps Suction Bells helping fluid flow to turn 180 degrees directing it into the pumps suction.


  • Floor Cones help to create smooth, stable streamlines, and will decrease headloss.
  • Floor Cones help to e and eliminateing submerged vortices.
  • Floor Cones with vertical vanes are preferred to inhibit pre-rotation.

The OptiFlow Cone is highly recommended when floor clearance is less than half the pumps suction bell diameter  “D/2”.

Engineering, Design and Fabrication for Flow Conditioning Suction Cone – Floor mounted inlet suction cones for lift station pumps.

Download Specifications: SPECIFICATION – Floor Cone

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