Flow Optimizer Vaned Tee

Engineering, Design and Fabrication for Flow Conditioning  – Conveniently flange mounted onto pipes, elbows, and Tee’s.

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Flow Conditioning Inserts

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Flow Straightening Vaned Inserts are designed to be installed in piping upstream of a Pump, Valve, Heat exchanger, Orifice plate, or Flow Meter. When used with recommended minimum pipe lengths; Vaned or Finned Inserts help reduce flow disturbances caused by upstream piping configurations or valves. Flow Optimizers designs & manufactures flanged models in carbon steel and 304 and 316 stainless steel. Every vane is built to the requirements of API 14.3 and ISO 5167. The flanged model is secured between upstream pipe flanges.

Some of the many features and benefits:

Flow Straightener

  • Helps eliminate surface and sub-surface vortices
  • Helps pump run smoother
  • Helps reduce vibration and increases the life of the pump
  • Helps reduce noise (pump runs quieter)
  • Reduces the turbidity of the water which increases the quality of water

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