Flow Optimizer Vaned Cross

Flow Conditioning Grids
Flow Conditioning Grids are used when upstream piping is less than ideal, and not per Hydraulic Institute guidelines. Typically flow straighteners are used after an Elbow, Tee, or when there are reduced pipe lengths. Our spools are mounted directly in front of a flow meter (air) or pump suction (liquid) where a swirl, pulsation, or flow separation exists.

Our grid will create a slight flow restriction which helps to stabilize and/or re-direct the flow to be more like a theoretical flow profile.
NOTE: Hydraulic Institute recommends a grid length “L” = 1xD to 3xD (D = diameter of the pipe)

OptiFlow Spool

Inline flow conditioning spools with internal grids are designed to separate and straighten the flow and typically mounted upstream of your flow meter or pump.

OptiFlow Insert

Inline flow conditioning inserts with a custom grid are designed to be mounted into existing piping. We recommend a grid length of 1D (1 pipe diameter).

*Grid size based on fluid and pipe size.

OptiFlow Disk

Inline flow straightening disks are designed to be mounted in your upstream piping to create a slight pressure drop while helping to reduce instability.