The Lake Michie Dam in Durham, North Carolina, has undergone a transformative upgrade with the installation of Flow Conditioning Cross and Flow Conditioning Tee components. This collaboration between Hazen and Sawyer, Clemson Engineering Hydraulics, and Crowder Construction, completed in January 2024, marks a significant advancement in water management technology.

Key Innovations

The project introduced a 48-inch diameter “Cross” and a 48-inch diameter “Tee,” both equipped with custom-installed flow straightening vanes. These components are essential in refining water flow dynamics, significantly reducing turbulence and streamlining water passage.

Flow Optimizer Vaned Tee

Installed in piping systems before pumps, valves, or meters, the Flow Conditioning Vaned Tee enhances pump efficiency and longevity. Its benefits include eliminating vortices, ensuring smoother operation, reducing vibration and noise, and improving water quality.

Flow Optimizer Vaned Cross

Used in less-than-ideal upstream piping scenarios, the Flow Conditioning Vaned Cross separates and straightens the flow, mainly upstream of the pump. Its advantages mirror those of the Vaned Tee, focusing on smoother operation, reduced vibration, and enhanced water quality.

Collaborative Engineering Excellence

The Lake Michie Dam project demonstrates the importance of expert engineering in water management. These advanced components not only improve the dam’s efficiency but also contribute to the sustainability and reliability of the water control infrastructure. This project stands as a testament to the power of innovative technology in enhancing essential water resources management.