Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a fluid dynamics analysis method utilizing numerical solutions of general fluid flow equations for mass, momentum, and heat transfer.  Experienced pump designers can use it to help optimize pump system hydraulic designs such that the system reliably meets flow, head, efficiency, NPSH, and operating range requirements.

Oftentimes, more traditional steady-state CFD solutions must be augmented with higher fidelity transient or unsteady analysis solutions to achieve accurate results, especially at off-design flow conditions.  Transient or unsteady CFD should be used when the objective is to solve or avoid suction intake issues such as vortex formation, internal suction recirculation, lack of NPSH, etc. The advantages of properly using unsteady techniques to help solve or avoid suction intake flow issues include time, cost, and risk reduction. See the following Case history with more information.

Flow Optimizers does not offer Engineering Services such as CFD, but Mechanical Solutions, Inc. (MSI) is a recognized vendor to evaluate pump problems & validate intake designs.

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